3 May 2017

Maestrale 560

Download Data Sheet Maestrale 560 To satisfy customers who are new to this experience and are looking for a boat which is easy to handle and transport, the Maestrale Boatyard suggests its 5.60 model. Ideal for those who want to have a small boat without giving up the comfort and the typical attractive lines of [...]
3 May 2017

Maestrale 680

Maestrale 680 Great from every point of view: for the spaciousness and for the high level of comfort both at anchor and during the voyage. This model was created to satisfy those who love practical, simple products but is, however, elegant and full of touches that make life on board all the more pleasant. The [...]
3 May 2017

Maestrale 740

Maestrale 740 The 7.40 Maestrale is solid and elegant, unique in performance and seaworthiness. In a world of inflatables which are all the same the Maestrale 7.40 is distinguished by the wide availability of spaces and by the technical details of quality. Ample space on board allows easy movement even in the presence of a [...]
10 April 2019

Maestrale 8,20 WA

Maestrale 8,20 WA II Maestrale 8.20 WA risponde pienamente alla richiesta di un Battello con cabina comoda senza sacrificare però ampi prendisoli . Request a QuoteScheda TecnicaAccessori di SerieAccessori Opzionali Scheda Tecnica Lunghezza : 8,20 Larghezza: 3.18 Motorizzazione max: 2 x 250 hp Peso a vuoto: 1300 kg Diametro Tubolari 64 Tessuto Tubolari : Neoprene Hypalion ORCA Portata persone: [...]