28 April 2017

Welcome to the blog of Maestrale RIB: Cantiere Nautico Made in Italy.

Maestrale RIB welcomes you to its site.

We are a boatyard with consolidated experience in inflatableboat production. Our professionalism is well known in Italy and abroad.

Maestrale RIB in Italy

With headquarters in Termini Imerese, Palermo, Sicily, we are a reference point for the production of rigid inflatable boats and a perfect after-sale service.


Are you wondering why to choose us? Because choosing us is a guarantee!

We have been in the marine industry for the past 40 years and offer unparalleled service with regard to the production of rigid inflatable boats. Our boats are appreciated for their excellent seaworthiness, speed and quality of construction, as well as for their function and aesthetic appeal which distinguishes them to great acclaim.

Our Maestrale RIB yard is one of the few that today have the ability and expertise to manage their own production of rigid inflatable boats from design to finished product.

The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of what we do, so that you can make a well-informed, safe choice of a company on which you can rely. But words are not enough. Look at the evidence. Browse the site to have a clear view of the services we offer.

Why choose our boatyard ?

Not all companies can claim to have achieved the desired results. Maestrale RIB boatyard has passed the test with flying colours thanks to our many years of experience.

The excellent results obtained encourage us to continue on our way day after day with the production of RIBs.

  1. Quality standards
  2. Design and Excellence
  3. Long-time Experience